The aim of the International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IRTP) Group is to explore the changing nature of religious tourism and pilgrimage in society and to further the debate for policy-makers, managers and academics to consider the evolving challenges within the future development of religious tourism and pilgrimage.

IRTP encourages colleagues to join our network and further develop our understanding of religious tourism and pilgrimage. Our network encourages ongoing learning and knowledge sharing, as well as providing a forum for building our community of participants.  As our reputation and connections have strengthened, our network has progressed toward additional activities, such as annual conferences, our own journal, a developing book series, and many or our network are involved in advocacy and professional development.

Ethics and Ethos

We pride ourselves in undertaking our work in an ethical manner, being collegial and friendly in our events and activities. In a world where competition and conflict scar the academic world, we welcome openness, honesty, mutual respect, support and a family atmosphere.
The Group co-ordinators see themselves as custodians rather than owners of the Group, and always welcome comments, suggestions, criticisms, ideas and discussion in an open and egalitarian manner.