Dr. Francisco Ramón Durán Villa, Graduated with a degree in geography and history in 1984 and a PhD in geography in 1997 for a thesis on Spanish emigration, United Kingdom. He is senior lecturer of geography, attached to the area of Regional Geographic Analysis at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is also a professor at the Pastoral Diocesan School of the Archdiocese of Santiago de Compostela. His main lines of research are migration, demography, religion, urban geography and processes associated with impoverishment. He has participated in various research projects and has published many papers and books in Spanish. He is a member of the research group: Geographie Social de l’Universite du Maine (Gregum) and the Archive of Galician Migration. He was Director and Secretary of the Departamento de Xeografía USC; Secretary of the Faculty of Geography and History, Vice-Principal for students, culture and training of the USC; and is currently Dean of the Faculty of geography and history.