Aim and Scope

The Institute is a non-profit non-business, voluntary entity, and is set up to achieve the aims, as identified above.

The Institute for Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage is a collegial group of academics.
It is a ‘virtual’ organisation, operating around the world, without academic, religious or ethnic borders, and without bias or prejudice.
While the work of the Institute is primarily undertaken in English, it is fully accepted that members undertake their activities in a broad range of languages.
The Institute is egalitarian and independent, it does not have any motives or objectives other than supporting the activity of members in researching, investigating and publishing work related to Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage.
The Institute supports a range of activities, primarily, but not limited to:
• International Conferences (such as the annual IRTP Conference)
• Publication of books (such as the CABI International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Book Series)
• The production of International Journals / Papers / Reports (such as the International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage)
• Maintenance of the IRTP listserver at: DIT-IRTP-GROUP@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE