Conference Venue


Korpoström, Archipelago Sea, Finland

Korpoström, Korpo Island, Pargas (Finland)

Korpo is one of the main islands of the Archipelago City of Pargas. The Archipelago City consists of over 20.000 islands. The Archipelago Road, leading to Korpo, stretches from mainland Finland over numerous islands connected by bridges and free ferries, and from Finland's former capital city Turku, the journey to Korpo and the islands south shore Korpoström takes around 2,5 hours by car or bus. Korpoström, the harbour area at the south end of Korpo island, is a gate to the Archipelago National Park, and part of the St Olav Pilgrimage Route.

The 15th Annual IRTP Conference will be arranged in the Archipelago Center Korpoström. Accommodation is available for the quickes just a stone's throw from the conference facilities, but for many, the accommodation will be arranged on close by island Nagu with free transportation each morning and afternoon. Please do NOT book accommodation before detailed instructions have been published on this website.

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